Our President

I posted a nasty heartfelt response to the election results that meant “W” got four more years.

It was a post about bumper stickers and how the last president seemed to focus on what most people choose to display on their bumper stickers – that which divides us.

And I talked about how I understood that even though I did not vote for him, he was in fact my president.  And that even though I did not vote for him, I expected him to understand that too.

He didn’t.

Bush never once did anything for me.

He never once understood that he was the president of those who did not vote for him too.  He simply took his “mandate” and ran with it.  His moral and ethical faithfulness left no room for me.  Left no room for many americans, as it turns out.

But he didn’t care.

Obama’s biggest mistake thus far is also his biggest success.  He is  a president who understands that he is the president of America.  That means he represents all americans.  Even those who carry pictures of him with a little mustache and a hitler-era uniform.

His decisions are for  us all.  He seems to consider all of us in his decisions.  That is democracy.  It is not about a mandate, it is not about a decision made one year that decides everything for three years.  Nope.  Not under this president.

And I respect that.  I do.

I also think that he needs to stand up more.  And shout loudly.  That he is protecting all of us, thinking of all of us.  And no one, not Glenn Beck, not Bill Maher can understand his job, his role, until they have been where he is.

And he deserves our respect.  (And, I deserve that respect as someone who voted for him)  And even as the citizens deserve the right to voice their dissent, there is a place for this.

And congress is not that place.  And a congressman should know better.

This level of disrespect is not acceptable.  It should not be commended.  And each party should understand that.  Everyone should get that.

It’s fundamental.

It should be one of those things that we can both agree on.  Seriously?  How do you justify being a heckler, of the president of the united states, on national tv?

You should be ashamed.  We all should.  What is going on in this country?  How is it that we stayed so fucking quiet as we went to a false war and yet if our current president threatens to offer affordable healthcare to our citizens, we scream and hold “tea parties” of protest?

Where are our prioritites?  How did we get here?

How is this even possible?


One thought on “Our President

  1. Well put, as much as I try to avoid all of the readical right and the “angry white man” mentality they represent ( I work with 2 angry white men, btw), I find myself growing ever more fearful for this president and our country’s future. The first amendment has its place, but not to serve those who want to destroy this man and his office.

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