Things I thunk about

I saw a man driving through rush hour traffic.  Naked from the waist up. (at least I assume he had pants on… I HOPE he had pants on.)

And it stayed with me.  The image of the hairy chest being cut through by the stiff black seat belt. 

And I don’t know why.


My children and I went “Pirate hunting” in the woods today.  I am not sure how this tradition started, but we hike through the woods and every once and a while one of us will yell “hide” or “I think I hear them” or some other such nonesense and we all play act accordingly.

For the first time today it occured to me how funny it was that we were hiding from pirates…in the woods.


I made a chart.

One that clearly indicates schedules, coordinates drop offs and pick ups and leaves notes for the specifics of each day so we remember that Thursday is Show n Tell. 

As proud as I as of the damn thing, I was equal parts appalled.

I am a person who makes charts.


The weather was so beautiful today that I was happy to spend three hours at the park, playing, picnicking and hiking.  And I barely resented that I had to have all that fun without my husband.



I started a story in my head today.  It’s been a while. 

I am still mulling it over in my mind but it seems to be gaining strength so I hope it sees the light of day.  some day.


If I don’t see you before Monday – Have a great holiday!

(and for chrissake, keep your shirt on.  At least when you’re driving.)


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