I have Learned…

When I was 16 I started writing annual letters to my future children.

I believe the spur for that first letter was the Gulf War.  I wanted them to know how their then 16 year old mom felt about it.   (Talk about an “old soul”, right?)

I wrote one letter each year, pretty faithfully, in the year’s to come.  And then I read the book I have learned.  And then each year I wrote a list of all that I had learned that year.  It was a very nice, very cathartic experience and these lists are very nice glimpses into what happened to me over the course of 12 months without getting into too much detail.

Now I write my children a letter, for them and about them, on each of their birthday’s.  And I hope I will continue this as the year’s go by.  If  for no other reason than to prove to them that I can do something with some degree of commitment when they look around for their scrap books and see that they stopped at age 1 (ish).  (don’t judge)

And I got away from doing this list.  So I am working on a new one.  And maybe I will share it here, once it’s finished,  maybe I won’t.  But I do know that the one thing I have found each time I take the time to write this list is that there are a number of things I didn’t know I learned.  There are a few lessons I learned without knowing it and there are usually a couple of experiences that taught me a lesson worth the trouble of experiencing them.

Which is always a good thing to remember.


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