Preventative Maintenance

My car needs an oil change.

Or, so it keeps telling me as I drive through my day.

The first reminder is gentle. “Change Oil Soon”. It comes on once and goes away with one click.

Then the car turns on the big guns. And uses a word like “Required”.





My car needs an oil change. And I know this. And like everything at the moment it will just have to wait.

Wait for time, energy and money.

I have none of those things at the moment. So like most everything in my life at the moment. It will wait.

Despite it’s obnoxiously worded warning.

Despite the ever present-ness of the reminder.

Wait it will.


I had this idea as I stared at this little green sign while waiting in traffic this morning.

And here it is:

Whenever I get the oil changed in my car, I am getting a massage.

Or a pedicure/ manicure.

Something indulgent and just for me. Something that costs money but is SO worth it to the overall performance of…well, me.

Preventative Maintenance, every three thousand miles.



One thought on “Preventative Maintenance

  1. get it changed asap! I put off my oil change and ended up having to pay $100 to get it flushed (I took it to a few different places, I couldn’t even trick someone into thinking I didn’t wait 5K miles before an oil change)

    I could’ve gotten the best pedicure ever for $100!

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