The could have been…

For those of you who don’t know, I had an ectopic pregnancy last year that ended in a ruptured fallopian tube and an extended stay in the hospital.  I wrote this to the little soul that visited with me so briefly because I needed to.  I am adding it to my blog because I want to.

I know many women who have suffered loss.  And I feel like sharing and talking about it makes it so much easier.  This isn’t something shameful that should be whispered in private.  This is why I am happy to explain to strangers that my tatoo represents my children – a flower for my son, one for my daughter, and for the child I never got to meet – a bud.

I assume you had a
Since you continued to
In your hostile world

Incorrectly placed
Poorly planned

But not unwanted

I assume you had a soul
And from the moment I found out
about you
we spoke
In whispered words of urgency

I implored you 
To get out

Before you killed me

And I am sorry we will never
sorry for your passage
And the fact that you will never know
my love 

I am sorry that you knew only
The cruelty
Of my body’s expulsion

And I am sorry that I never got to
Enjoy you
Want you
Love you
Hold you 

And I am sorry
That you became just a note in my
Medical record

And waste
to be disposed of

I am so sorry to have
missed you
miss you
I am sorry to regret
the only experience
I had with you

And to show my sorrow
I choose to wear you

In the scars that mark
your removal from my body

And in the art that
Adorns my shoulder

You sit as part of my forever
next to your brother and sister
In my heart

you are
Part of me
my flesh
my soul

But not part of
my life
And for that
I will always be

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6 thoughts on “The could have been…

  1. I think that is awesome. And I’m sorry for your loss. I have had a miss, never an ectopic, and it was so early on I barely got to enjoy it. I will always wonder if that was my baby girl or if I had another boy.I’ll never know if this was my redhead or if this one was a good sleeper.

  2. such a beautiful post, and your tattoo is gorgeous.

    I do believe that every child we make, no matter how long he or she lives inside or outside of our bodies is ours forever.

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