nip cut

Lot’s of cutting going on around here.

I think we have decided that the husband is going to go in for the “snip”. Recent events have convinced me that another pregnancy is just not my future and instead of another “false start” I would like to ensure truly safe sex. So. snip snip.

The Boy is having the insides of his throat removed at the end of this month. They will also be inserting ear tubes and cauterizing his nose. The whole deal.

I am decidedly wigged about this. Not sure why exactly. Somehow the surgery that my daughter had (ear tubes) and later her brother’s (aka The Boy, also ear tubes) were not nearly as stressing.

I think because they were young and the recovery was minimal. But there is a CHILD to deal with this time around. And my son has always seemed so much more vulnerable somehow. Not sure why.

Anyway I am thinking I might send dad alone for the pre-op and just be there for the after party. The Boy prefers daddy anyway and apparently I am a complete wimp ass…

In other news, we (the girl the boy and the awesome-est mom in the world) just returned from a visit with Nona and Pop. And a good time was had by all. I was treated to a 2 hour massage with hot stones (totally not the complete waste of space I suspected) and a mojito body scrub! Sublime. I know some people no like the touchy. Me, I say the more the merrier. The masseuse prescribed monthly massages with a cute little prescription pad…total gimmick but I am happy to buy into the idea. VERY NICE!

Glad to be home (I guess).


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