Empty the pool

When I was a child, my grandmother came to visit us in Massachusetts and at the gas station near our house, the man pumping her gas suggested that she should “go home”.

In the ninth grade in New Jersey, my friend was called a Nigger and spit on in the bathroom of our high school.

I was told I shouldn’t date a boy in our school because, “well, he’s black”.

When I asked a classmate once to get me a drink when she went to the soda machine, she said “do I look black?”

(no, but then neither do I)

My father had a boss once who didn’t like him because he thought my mom was white.   When he found out she was actually just light skinned, all was forgiven.

My cousin told me the story of when she and her family were staying at a hotel in Atlanta and they excitedly ran to the outdoor pool. When they jumped in…all the other kids jumped out.

That was almost thirty years ago.

But this shit just happened in Philadelphia.  Just happened.

I don’t care what the Republicans claim.

Electing a black man president is wonderful, fantastic and great.  But it does NOT end racism in our country.


3 thoughts on “Empty the pool

  1. It certainly doesn’t end it.
    I have changed my opinions about some people that I really liked because of their reactions to Obama, but more importantly their reaction to a black man in power.
    I feel like things are getting worse, sadly, in certain circles and it breaks me.
    Not just my heart, but my whole self.

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