pro – fanity

I said bullshit in front of the boy yesterday.

I guess I should state for the record that I curse. Fluently and fluidly. I use the F word, the S word and any other Letter word*. I enjoy cursing.

It relieves me.

But, I don’t curse in front of my kids.


Not until yesterday.

When I was complaining about my morning and the fact that my husband’s new work schedule makes MY schedule tough as hell.

I said bullshit.

And I meant it. And I didn’t regret it. And I didn’t explain or take it back or apologize.

I still won’t.

Because when something is bullshit, no other word will do.

And while I hope he does not wander into daycare and call the events of his day bullshit at every turn, I think I would be okay with it.

Because he’s 3. And I am 36. And I am allowed to act like it once in a while.

Even in front of him.

*( I won’t say the “c” word- hate that word, can’t even write it.)

This is a photo taken from space of the roof of a school in England.

The word displayed is “cock”

It has nothing to do with this story, but it’s funny.


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