Color war

crowded_crayon_colorsWe are in the car on the way to camp and daycare.  Both kids are coloring in the back seat.  They are strapped into car seats on opposites sides of the car.

The boy:

“Naya, pass me that blue crayon.”


“Naya!  Pass me that blue crayon!”

More silence.


In a tone of smug superiority,

“It’s not blue, it’s green.”

“No it’s not, it’s blue. Will you please pass it to me?”

“You want me to pass you this GREEN crayon?”


“Yes, pease.”

The crayon is passed to the boy.  Who quickly draws with it and holds it up in triumph.

“See? It’s blue!!!”

“Dean,will you please pass the crayon back to me?” Asks the girl.

“You mean this BLUE crayon?” he asks smugly.

“Yes, please.”

He hands it to her and she snatches it and hands it forward into the front seat to me.

“What does it say?” she demands.

I look at the blue crayon, housed in a green paper cover, and read the label.



3 thoughts on “Color war

  1. ha! I have this mental health condition that makes me sort the big 96 box of crayons in the ROY G BIV darkest to lightest order.

    There are so many in there that I don’t know whether they are blue or green, purple or blue, pink or purple, orange or red…

    I lie awake at night thinking about this.

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