Fire & Brimstone


The weather outside is downright scary!  And I drove my little ones through night-dark skies lit only by bright flashes of white light.  The earth rumbled and growled with the thunder.  And I wondered more than once if I should have stayed home.

Today is my daughter’s last Tuesday of daycare.  She graduates with cap and gown on Friday.

I will attend by myself.  My husband does not think that he can take off from work.

This made us discuss societal expectations and how men suffer on the family side based on the ideals that society places on them.  He is not expected to attend by his bosses.  They have wives who stay home and “take care of those things”.  Now there are two things at play here.

1.  If he asks, they will say yes, of course you should go.

2. If he asks, they will question his committment to his job.

But anyway.  This is not a post about that.  This is a post about the baby I gave birth to just last week who is right this moment practicing the Prince song “Baby I’m a star” for her graduation show.

This is about the little princess who was just yesterday the little toddler.  And this is about her mom.  Who is just not sure she is ready for this next phase.  This next positive proof of growth and change.

She will one day grow into the adult she was meant to be and walk down another aisle of transition.  And I will grab my camera, just as I will on Friday, to make sure that I capture it on film.

Because if you blink.  You miss it all.


4 thoughts on “Fire & Brimstone

  1. I guess I wasn’t as retrospective on the children’s big day. Son 2’s event was in the evening so husband did attend. Son 1’s was during the day so he did not attend.
    What did strike me was the amount of couples that attended a couple days’ later for the you are now in the next grade meeting / brunch wih their child. While I would consider the last day events more important there were a number of moms and dads that took the time to come. Maybe the couples that came were new to the school but I feel that they were treating it the same, a milestone in their child’s life that they wanted to attend whether or not it was camera worthy.

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