Face Time

I have been thinking about a number of posts.

Many of them include recent political topics surrounding the O-man and his administration.  Some of which were blazing in my mind and sort of puttered off into nothingness once I sat down to write about them.

One thing is that I have noticed that I am becoming decidedly Moderate.

What an interesting turn of events.

And please don’t read that as anything other than it is intended.

I am still in love with Obama and will fight Bossy for my place as his imaginary choice for bride.  I still remain committed to our imaginary relationship, and more importantly,  his presidency.

I am not shocked or apalled that he is not all that we hoped he would be – yet.  I am even confident that he will never quite fulfill the destiny that the majority of his supporters thought he would.  If he is even 1/10th as fabulous as I think he will be – I will be dazzled.

Because reality is a bitch.  And the fact that he is the president and not a tyrant means that he has to work with our government to make change.  And that means it’s slow.  And that means there will be disagreement.  And that means those that oppose change will be vocal (and annoying) in their displeasure.  And I can barely block their rhetoric.

And the fact that Rush Limbaugh hopes he will fail, in my opinion, means he is doing well.



I also don’t agree that he walks on water (and I don’t think he thinks that – which is important).  And I don’t think that a fully Democratic party held government is necessarily a good thing.

I actually believe that our governmental structure was designed to make people with different opinions find some common ground for the greater good.

And that is a fabulous ideal to work toward.

And maybe we need a fully democratic government at the moment to undo the tragedy that was the Bush Tyranny.  And maybe we will swing too “left” to compensate.

But I am hopeful that we will self-regulate.  I am hopeful we will find some common ground.  Because it has to be there.  In each and every debate.  And each and every issue there have to be some things we can agree on.  Some things that help not simply an agena but instead our nation.

And I am hopeful that Obama will help to identify those key items so we can move forward.  Because that’s what we need.  Forward motion.

And if the pull from left and right equal out – we will go straight forward.

And that’s what we need.


3 thoughts on “Face Time

  1. Well here’s where we differ: I believe that the government structure itself is flawed — that it benefits people of privilege with special interests.

    For me, Obama is not liberal enough. Or perhaps I’m just too leftist!

  2. I’m with you on giving him time. It’s pretty obvious to me that, say, Guantanamo involves 1000 things no one could tell him when he was on the trail and not in the White House. So if it takes a little while–ok. I can deal. Same thing with DADT. I hate that it isn’t lifted yet. But really, he has other things to do first. I’d like that to be finished by the end of year one. But I trust him to get there in a time that works for him.

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