This weird dream I had

CJ from West Wing was a doctor for the army.  She examined my sister when my sister came back from serving in Iraq.  Turns out my sister was pregnant.

She took me with her to take the test and I got to meet CJ/army doctor first hand.  She was nice and funny.  She had a male partner doctor who looked like Mark Harmon, a little.

Apparently my husband and I had been painfully trying to conceive for more than a year but I didn’t say a word about it when my sister decided she wanted an abortion.

Instead I held her hand and went with her for the procedure. In typical dream fashion, the clinic was in the back of BJ’s.

And when I asked my sister if the father knew that he was in fact not going to be a father, she said she wasn’t sure who the father was and I screamed “whore” in a laughing shout and she screamed “bitch” back at me in the same happy fun-filled tone as we locked arms and loved each other.

And in the end, my sister changed her mind.

And when I went back to tell the doctors her decision, they had already changed back out of their scrubs and were playing cards on the surgical table – “because they already knew she would”.

And my sister and I walked out of BJ’s hand in hand and loving each other as sisters should.

The end.

Any insight?
(Keeping in mind that I don’t have a sister, nor am I pregnant or infertile (I think).)

Yea, I didn’t think so.


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