So I called her Shmoopy

My daughter, the princess, has a very deliberate way that she lets me know that she feels I am showing favoritism or generally not being nice or loving.

She calls me on it.
Straight to my face.
With no shame and no apologies.

This morning it was because I was using my “hard” mommy voice with her but called her brother “baby” when I answered his question.
(the most annoying thing about this habit of hers is that she is always right.)
(very irritating.)

So this morning she yelled out in a desperate voice.
“Call me baby too Mommy!”

Which I read as: be nice to me too mommy, love me too mommy, make me feel special too mommy.

And so I said:
“But baby why should I call you baby, when I can call you my shmoopy loopy boopy girl.”

And she giggled. Her brother giggled.
I giggled.

And just like that we were alright again.

I wonder if Shmoopy will work in her teenage years…
…I’m sure going to try it.


One thought on “So I called her Shmoopy

  1. I’ll bet it will if you write it down on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it somewhere that she will find it but no one else will.

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