Getting Laid (off)

We had to lay someone off this week. We decided to do it on a Thursday this time. We wanted to have a day for people to talk and ask questions before having the weekend to get over it…

Let me just save you, if ever you have this fool hearty idea.


Makes your whole Friday suck.


4 thoughts on “Getting Laid (off)

  1. We (the management team) have been back and forth all week over a 22% lay off. We’ve decided to not do it for now, but the stress is just about killing everyone.

    Sorry you had to go through with it…

  2. I don’t mind aspiring to be like you at all. (regarding the comment you put on my blog. i effed up my address book and lost your email. I don’t want to be like you in regards to the layoffs and low morale workplace. that you can have…)

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