The chicken or the egg?

So I have often said (to the voices in my head) that the keys to successful parenting are…


Not really in that order. Not always. They are very interchangeable.

But so important!

So here’s some toddler humor for you.

My eldest turns to her brother in the car and says:
“Superhero, do you know how mom and dad made us?”

my ears perk up. surely there will be something very interesting to follow.

And she continues: “They made us because they loved each other very much…”
She tells her incredibly intrigued little brother.
“…and also because they eat a lot of eggs…”

I try not to giggle as she adds…
“but mostly because they love each other.”

And so I smile and tell her that she’s right. Except for the eating eggs part.

And I smile some more. because she’s right.

Our love made them.



One thought on “The chicken or the egg?

  1. my dad told my son that god made him, despite my child having never heard about god in his whole entire life so now we are having a mini-crisis in our house because they boy is confused about where he came from.

    we always told him that he grew in my tummy and when he got big he came out and grew even more all the way until today.

    my husband told him last night that our love made him and i almost melted.

    i can’t imagine how much better it must have been coming from your daughter!

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