Like Pepsi renaming Coke?

Is this even possible?

In case you don’t click the link.  You should know that the republican party has decided to rename the democratic party.  They will now be called the “democrat socialist party”.  By…well by republicans I guess.

I do wonder how it is that you rename your opponents?  Don’t they get to decide what and who they are?

So I have some suggested names for the republican party.

the evangelical conservative party

the christian coalition (oops that one’s taken, but I am sure they wouldn’t mind…)

the white party

And please don’t get me wrong.  because I am actually fairly bipartisan.  I believe there are good ideas on both sides and I fell a bit like Rodney King when I look at the political situation these days.

But this. is. just. stupid.

And stupid is as stupid does.


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