A wii room (apologies)

I wanted a wii for Christmas.  Last year.

I got it for Christmas this year.  And I love it!

My favorite game is Lego Star Wars.


And its two person and fun and fairly easy…

But. (always with the butt!)

It is hooked up to our massive ginormous TV and our chairs are on the other side of our not so large family room, and, well it just doesn’t work well.

And it makes it a wee bit impossible for the kiddos to play – by themselves.

And that’s key – right?

So this weekend I moved the wii to the wee TV/guest room and the wii/wee TV and I am loving the new set up.

And I think I will reinstitute “family game night” tonight and let the wee kiddos play their wii kiddo games.

in the wii room.

And I love that this means that a rarely used room in my house gets a wii bit more use.

Because my house is wee.

And now I’m done.


One thought on “A wii room (apologies)

  1. wheeeee!
    I totally adore my wii. mariokart and guitar hero are my favorites… haven’t tried lego star wars but now I’m adding it to my list!

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