She wore a New Jersey…

When you think of New Jersey you might think this…


But when I think of New Jersey I think this…

Rocky Forest Path

And that’s because when I think of New Jersey, mostly I remember the many days spent riding my horse through the forests of Princeton.  That’s mostly what New Jersey is to me.  The people, they could have been anywhere.

But those rides, they were all Jersey.

And this is why I get my hackles up when people make comments about Jersey.

And this is why I defend the “Garden State”.

And this is why I am happy to tell people I was born in Trenton.

Because New Jersey is my home.  It is the soul of my childhood.  And I will make no apologies for that, or about that.

And I went home this weekend.  To attend a party for a lady I had never met.

And as we crossed into New Jersey I could see the difference.  I could smell the difference.

It smelled and looked like my youth.  It reminded me of the most comfortable shirt I ever owned.  The one I used to hug to me as I snuggled on the couch.  It was comfortable and happy and… no longer fit.

And I am okay with that.  Because it was good then.

And it is not who I am now.  And that’s okay too.

Now I enjoy the feel of the suburbs of Philadelphia.

And I am glad that this will be the home of the childhood of my children.  And I hope they will be okay with it too.

Just as I hope they will outgrow it some day.


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