Oh my God…

This is sickness…

Thanks to Jakezilla for reminding me that the world is a scary place filled with scary people.


4 thoughts on “Oh my God…

  1. Relax. The site (Republican Faith Chat) is a “poe” site. 🙂 Yes, I am the blueollie that comments on the blog regularly; check my blog out if you want to know where I stand.

    Yes, the moderators know about me.

    If you are wondering why: what I am trying to point out, via sarcasm, if that if people really go by the Bible, either they are, well, evil and backward, or they cheery pick the good stuff (there is some there) and rationalize away the evil stuff.

    • Okay, Now I feel like a mass-hole. I was thinking the whole time I read it that “this just can’t be real…” I am so glad it isn’t.
      Faith in human kind restored. er sorta.

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