Works for Me Wednesday

So this is my first time doing this because I actually thought of something I do that I find helpful and I thunk of it this morning, which happens to be Wednesday.  And thinking of something that works for me on works for me Wednesday, works for me.

So here it is.  A Snacks container.


Might seem sorta er, duh to you but let me explain.  In my lazy Susan sits a seal able Tupperware container with the words “Make sure you check for fruit first” written on it.  (mine is actually quite a bit larger than the picture but a similar style)

Inside the box are little snack bags or pretzels, cereal, crackers, raisins, etc.  The box also includes individually wrapped items like breakfast bars, toaster pastries, granola bars,etc.  (and I will admit some cookies on occasion).

When I go grocery shopping I quickly remove all individually wrapped items from their boxes, mark them with BOTH of my kids’ initials and toss them into the snack box.  I also open all big bags, put snack sized portions into snack sized bags, write their initials on those and toss them in too.

This is SO VERY helpful during the week when I am making lunches (and it clears up space in my cabinet because  I don’t have all those boxes) because I can just toss items in to lunch bags and not have to look in cabinets and/or fumble for a pen.

And THAT’s what works for me.  To see some other truly fantabulous ideas go here to see Rocks In My Dryer.


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