The Joy of…sox? AKA All I need to know I learned at a blog party…

So on to the wonderful wonderfulness of the  blog party  I attended recently.  (my first ever)

I had so much fun!!! We all did.  Much food wine (and margaritas and whiskey) and fabulous conversation was enjoyed by all.  And I have never seen such competition to get a word in edge wise – fabulous!

Much like she mentioned, I too was unusually quiet that night but I sure enjoyed myself.

I had met only two of the people present before in real life and it didn’t matter one little bit.

I got to see her bewbies. (bra-clad thank you very much) during a heated, “my boobs are worse than yours” debate.

I learned that she is just as fabulous in real life as I suspected through her blog.

I learned a bit about bravery from her.

I go to meet her and her and they were fun and very sweet.

I learned that one of the ladies there has a husband who will only have sex with his socks on.  (hence my title – no link to protect the not so innocent – sorry!).

I learned about the desire to cheat and how many surgeries it takes to have FABULOUS boobs after a mastectomy from someone who has actually not done either.  ( no links here either – same deal)

I learned that she makes an AWESOME cake and I am sad because she also sells them at a store near me and I have no self control.  But boy will I enjoy the fall…

I learned that she has excellent taste in drivers.  (yes, I am an excellent driver.)

I learned that mozzarella cheese can taste like heaven if made by a man with his hands at the corner store.

And I learned that she is super fabulous wonderful and she has the cutest most adorable son in the world.  (second only to mine of course).

Huge amounts of thanks to everyone who planned and participated.

Can’t wait until the next one!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of…sox? AKA All I need to know I learned at a blog party…

  1. thank you for saying (and thinking!!) that I’m super fabulous wonderful and that Jake is cute an adorable.

    I think YOU are superfabderful too and hope to be at a table with you very soon.

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