A disorder disorder?

I changed the look of my blog.
And if you think it is annoying here, you should be my husband.


My babysitter commented on it last night and it made me aware of it again.

So I am going to google it. Because isn’t that kind of what you do now.

But I’m afraid that it is a real disorder. Right now I just consider it quirky and fun.

I don’t really want to know that I have Classic Re-organization Compulsion Disorder. Or Hyperactive Efficiency Disorder. Or some such nonsense.

I just like to rearrange things. I am always looking for the most efficient way to arrange things so that the room flows better or the blog looks better and displays cleaner or the desk has less junk on it.


And I might never know what it’s called but I stopped fighting it a long time ago.

So I hope you enjoy the new look. I do.

And it might just stay awhile – who knows?


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