The Lessons Learned

I have never been raped or assaulted.

I have never been robbed, stabbed or shot at.

I have never been abused – physically or sexually.

Having said all that I also need to say that THIS scares me.

More than cloning ever did.  If you didn’t click, that is an article about how doctors working to cure Alzheimer’s has discovered a way to erase memories.  Just “wipe them out”.

They are talking about it’s uses for the incidents above but also for war trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.

And it still scares me.  Even while I acknowledge that I don’t have a memory I would part with willingly.

Not one.

Now mind you, it’s not all roses and perfume in there in my memory bank but it is mine.  I am who I am today, to a great extent, due to my memories.  Experiencing life makes us who we are and erasing part of that is erasing part of who you are.

Again, I come at this from the standpoint of someone who can say that I have nothing so horrible in my past that I would want it gone.  But still.  If I did, I have to wonder even then if I would want to…

If I had been, raped say.  And they erased that memory would I one day be standing next to my rapist and not even know it.  Would I be less cautious?  Would my personality change?

The answers to these questions makes me think that erasing memories doesn’t seem like enough.  In order to retain some of the lesson learned (like who your assaulter was) you would need to not simply erase, but instead alter, the memory.

And wow is that scary.

And I have to tell you that my perspective in this post is a little weird for me.  Like I said, I don’t have a problem with cloning and I am all for scientific advances.  But this shit is scary.

We, as a species, have a terrific capacity for taking something wonderful and making it something truly terrible.  And I hope this isn’t one of those things.  Because a world where this is possible is frightening.  Truly.

But maybe I don’t need to worry because pretty soon none of us will remember a world when this wasn’t possible.


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