Good Mommy Moment Monday

So, this week my post will not be about me as a mommy. Instead it will be about my mom as a mommy.

My mom came to visit last week. In part because it’s been awhile, in part because there were birthday’s to celebrate, and in part to help us out because we had a crazy work week and my husband was traveling.

And I loved having her. And my kids loved having her. And my husband loved that she was here so we could love having her while he was gone.

And I learned something important –

I will always take a moment to tell my children that they have done a good job at something because hearing this from a parent is AWESOME!!!

My mommy told me she thinks I am a wonderful mommy.

Coming from a wonderful mommy — that is something!

Something great.

Wonderful, really.

And that was my good mommy moment for this Monday.


2 thoughts on “Good Mommy Moment Monday

  1. What a treasure. She is absolutely right, of course, but how awesome to hear it from her–and–here’s where you are such a good mom–to understand what it means to your kids to pass that on!

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