Good Mommy Moment Monday – The Present

I am the present buyer.
As in – if I don’t do it – it ain’t gonna get done.
I am not sure how this role, like so many others, fell to me but there you have it.
The very first Christmas my husband contributed too and we split the duty, but since then…nope.

And part of this is, like everything else, I need to know things are taken care of before hand.  And my husband is okay to wait until later to take care of anything. And when I point out to him that he’s okay to wait because he knows I will take care of it he agrees. But it doesn’t occur to him that he should take care of it sooner, just that I’ll take care of it because I need it done sooner.
and so on.
and so on.

Do I sound a little bitter?  Well that’s because I was.

But I ROCKED the boy’s presents this year.

He got Zurg to his Buzz Lightyear.  He got a black batman remote control car (because he asked specifically for a black car with a button that you push to make it go forward and backward.)

And he got this.


To know my husband is to know that he is a Mustang Man.  So I got this for him.  And his boy.

But do you know who LOVED LOVED LOVED This?

The Princess.

As in squealing with toddler delight LOVED THIS!

As in everyone around her had to laugh because she was so so so excited.

And WOW~ was it fun to watch the two of them race each other while they both shrieked and giggled.

And boy did I love knowing that I was responsible for that moment.

And that was my good mommy moment.


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