Three whole years


Today marks the date of my baby’s birth.

You came into the world right before Grey’s Anatomy and my OB was a little too grateful for this timing.

But while she may not have been awed by your arrival — I was.

This tiny little boy.  This miniature version of my love.

And you were born flawed.  With a lower jaw so recessed it almost didn’t exist. And somehow that made you all the more precious, all the more perfect.  But it also made me worry in a way that I never had with your sister.  You were so pale, so little.  You seemed so fragile.

And we struggled with nursing while we tried to make your mouth fit my mammory but we got it together and eventually you nursed like a champ (eventually without a nipple shield, despite what the “lactation specialist” had threatened ).

And you slept like a champ.  Like your sister you took to your crib from day one, but unlike your sister you didn’t require my presence there every few minutes to be happy.

You would put yourself to sleep quite happily as you got older.  With a smiling “night” as you turned happily away from me and snuggled into bed.

And while I feel I missed several months of your growth as I paid court to your sister’s demands I have missed nothing since then.  You have my attention.  In fact once I realized I was not fully looking at you, I have not taken my eyes off you.

You are the center of my world.  Just like your sister.

And you are sweet natured and rambunctious just as a little boy should be.  You are steady and faithful in your love and concern for your family.  You are in awe of your sister but that doesn’t mean that you will not stand up for yourself.  And I admire your sense of self.  Even at three.  Especially at three

We are still working on your speech and while I know that one day I will miss the mispronuciations, right now I just bear with you as you try  to get your point across.

And I admire your patience.

For a three year old you have a great deal of patience for the rest of us while we try to decipher your brilliance.  And your ability to use markers, signs and other context to get your point across is mind boggling to me.

You are smart, you are sweet, you are three.

Happy Birthday little man.


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