Good Mommy Moment Monday

So.  This weekend I took my two little ones in the car for four hours by myself to meet up with their dad at his doggy expo in Washington.

four. hours. in. the. car.

And we did fine.  Great even.  We had a ton of fun!

And there is a realization that I came to this weekend that I never quite understood before –  I do okay with my kiddos on my own.

The three of us are a good team.  I can handle it – even enjoy it when it’s just us.

I have been trying hard to have a hard time with this.  Basically because this isn’t what I chose when we got pregnant.  We were supposed to be an equal team – even steven – parenting together.

But the only thing consistent about life is that things change all the time.  So now my husband is traveling more.   And the three of us are a family complete more often than I would like BUT we do alright.

And I realize that moms who are home all the time don’t have this moment.  This realization that you are a great parent and doing it alone is hard but you can handle hard because that is just what you are used to.

So I am sharing this moment with all SAHM’s


And your ability to coordinate the circus and still enjoy the show – amazing.

And I am honored to feel a part of this culture, even as I blog from my desk at work.


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