Good Mommy Moment Monday

So in keeping with the theme I am writing about something that I do that makes me feel like I am a good mommy.
And I pick Monday because Monday’s around here are always hard.
I once watched this movie with Michele Pfeifer (sp?) and she and her family sat down to dinner and played high/low. This game where you go around the table and talk about the best thing that happened to you and the worst thing that happened to you that day.
I thought that was a pretty cool idea.

So, on the 1-3 times a week that we sit down as a family, we now play high/low.

I have been amazed at what my kids will talk about.

The superhero’s low last week was when Vincent took a book from him and called him a name.

The Princess’ high was when someone called her pretty.

It is a very interesting peek into their world and how they think and it gives us an opportunity as a family to talk about things that affect us and why.

And that’s my GMMM.
I’d love to hear yours.


2 thoughts on “Good Mommy Moment Monday

  1. If I haven’t told you already, I love the look of this blog…

    This morning I snapped at my 4-year old when she refused to get dressed and whined throughout the morning get-ready routine. But after a few deep breaths, I got myself together and returned to my calm, loving self, and got her off to school with a smile on her face.

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