Good Mommy Moment Monday

So I am starting a pat on the back meme.
This is a space to post something that you do that makes you feel like a good mommy. Could be anything.

Today I am celebrating my choose your own adventure story time adventure.
This is actually how Storytime Thursday’s story came about.
I start a story and at pivotal points I stop and let my child insert a place or name for a character and then move on from there. Stopping at certain points to let him contribute.

So like this.
Once upon a time there was a little house that was deep in the forest. Inside the house lived a mama, a papa, a little boy and his little brother…
and then my son yells “Jack”.
And one day the little boy was playing by the river and he fell in. And floated along until he reached a field and at the end of the field he saw a…
and my son yells “castle” and so on.

My children love to feel as though they are part of the story and the stories they have helped to make are by far their favorites.

Even better than Disney.

Feel free to post a good mommy moment on your blog and let me know about it here so I can see what everyone else is up to. It takes a village.

Happy Monday!


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