Magical Moments of Mystery

I was driving last night when I had one of those wonderful moments.  Or one of those moments of magic.  Not fairy and dust magic, just happy coincidence moments.
Let me explain. Each day I have approximately 6-10 minutes of alone time each way from daycare to work or work to daycare.  I usually use this time to check in with family or friends by phone so that I can actually CONCENTRATE and HEAR them. (Odd, I know).

But yesterday. I got in the car and put my radio on 95.7. If you are in thePhilly and in your 30’s or older I strongly suggest this station for you. Fun music.

And the song that was playing was THAT song.

That perfect song for that perfect moment.

The song that made me turn up my radio and scream the lyrics (even though I didn’t know all of them) all while smiling and not caring who saw me acting like an ass.

And you know what I realized as I got ready to write this post?
I don’t remember what song it was.
And it doesn’t even matter.

It was the moment that I enjoyed.

Not really the music.

And I really really enjoyed that moment.

Some songs that have created this moment for me in the past

We Will Rock You

Bohemian Rhapsody

We Are the Champions

Let’s Give ’em Something to Talk About

Natural Woman

What a Wonderful World

On the Radio

It’s Raining Men
And I am sure there are more.  The odd thing is.  I don’t own any of these cd’s*.    Which may be why I enjoy them so much when I happen to “catch” them.

(* I do own a Queen cd.  And I didn’t even know the other two songs were theirs.  I am apparently a much bigger Queen fan than I knew)


One thought on “Magical Moments of Mystery

  1. I love 95.7 and I also love that it is totally not easylistening/B101/promoted by Teri Garr and a bunch of other old hasbeens.

    Thanks for sharing your link with us!

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