Story Time Thursday The End

And Like all daddy’s everywhere, he did exactly what she asked.

So Max stood as a small blond boy next to the little boy in the great big room and even though they were boys, they  hugged each other with happiness.  And they were so happy that when the princess tagged the little boy again, he sprinted after her without thought.

And the three children played all day long and into the night.  And the sound of their laughter bounced off the walls of the great big room where the big king sat.

And when the children finally tired out and came looking for a snack, the great big king had decided something.

“I am making you my sons,” he said in his great big voice, “you will stay in the castle forever.”

And Max cheered.  For he had no parents and no place to go.  And he loved the princess and the castle and being a prince seemed like a pretty great idea to him.

But the little did not cheer.

Instead he shouted, “no!”

And the great big king raised his great big eyebrow at him.  So the little boy continued.

“Please sir, but I miss my momma and my poppa and my little brother Jack.”  he said politely,”we don’t live in a grand castle and we don’t have grand things, but we have each other… And I want to go home.”

And the great big king looked at the little boy.

And the great big king looked at his little princess.

And then he raised his great big sword and pointed it at the little boy.

And suddenly the little boy was seated in his kitchen.  And his momma and poppa and his little brother Jack were so excited to see him that the jumped on him in their happiness and tackled him to the ground in a great big family hug.

And moments later a bad appeared on the table with a note from the king.

And the bag was filled with gold coins and the poor little family that lived in the small woods wondered at all that they could do with that money.  And they were glad for the coins and what they could buy them.

But mostly, they were just glad to have their little boy back.

The End


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