Children of the Heart

We are looking into adoption.  We would like to add a 2-3 year old multi-racial, latino or black child to our family.
If you live in Pennsylvania and you know anything about domestic non-infant adoption, please let me know.

Because this shit is hard.

I now understand why so many people choose International adoption.   Seems easier.  Seems like there are many more agencies set up to handle international adoption.
And it drives me nuts.

This may be it.   My raison d’etre.   This may be my personal crusade.

Because there are children out there. I know it. I can feel them calling. I can see their news stories, so can everyone if they are looking.

And yet they seem so hard to get to.

And yet it is so easy to betray them. So easy to abandon them.

And it makes me want to cry. And then it makes me want to scream.

And then it makes me want to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

So, I am starting small.   One child.  Our child.

And I will use this experience to learn the system. And perhaps that will help me to understand the system.

And maybe, just maybe, it will help me make the system work just a little bit better.

But again, if you know anything about domestic adoption, please email me.

Right now, I need all the help I can get.

And if you have a very strong stomach and some tissue handy – Google “foster care horror”.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


4 thoughts on “Children of the Heart

    • I loved this piece!
      And I wrote to about four different agencies looking for info on the fost to adopt program. We’ll see.

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