The End of it all

The job I have places me in the position of dealing with death.

A lot.

Not so much the actual dying (no I am not a mortician) but I deal a lot with end of life questions.

And I find that there are two distinct categories of those that are reaching the end of the road.

A.  Those that are ready to go

B. Those that will never be ready to go

I always thought that at 92 it would be better to be of the mindset to be ready to go.  To have lived such a good life that you are okay for it to be over.  To have no regrets.


What if you reach 92 and you are having such a good time that you just don’t want the ride to be over?  And so you ask the doctors to do whatever they can, anything at all, to give you time to experience just a few more moments of wonderful?


I have come to realize that I have to work a little harder to be in either one of those scenarios.

So I am trying to focus a little more on the good stuff and make some memories that I will be glad to remember at 92.  Whether or not I am ready for the ride to stop is inconsequential.

I just need to make sure the ride is fun.


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