StoryTime Thursday

deep in a shady wood there was a little house.

Inside the house lived a mama, a papa, a little boy and his younger brother Jack.

One day the little boy was playing near the river that ran through the woods and fell in.

The river carried him along swiftly and though he tried to swim to the  sides to get out – the river was too fast.  So he  clung to a log and went where the river took him.

The river carried him out of the woods.  And through a steep tall canyon.  And eventually it slowed down in a vast field.

The boy was able to swim to shore and walk into the field.  When he looked across the field he saw a great big castle in the distance.  So he decided to walk across the field to the castle and see if anyone inside would help him get home.

There were little animals in the field and they all sped past him as he walked except one. A little mouse.

“Hello” said the little mouse from atop a small hill,”my name is Max.  Where are you going?”

And the little boy explained that he was going to the castle to see if anyone could help him get home.  Max thought that was a terrible idea and tried his best to talk the little boy out of it.  But the little boy would not listen.

“Well if you are going, take me with you,” said Max.  And with that he scurried up the little boy’s leg and climbed up to sit on his shoulder.  And the two set off for the castle.

It wasn’t long before they reached the castle door.  The little boy knocked.

knock knock

No one answered.

The little boy knocked again.

Knock Knock Knock

No one answered.

So the little boy knocked again.


And finally the door swung open.


And standing in the doorway was a beautiful princess.

“Have you come to play with me?” she asked the little boy with a smile.

“This isn’t a good idea.” whispered Max.


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