The other side of reason

I have been trying to look at things from the perspective of the person I am talking with.
truly.  But I find that I am often smug in my absolute inability to understand their point of view.

I have breakfast with a woman who was trying very hard to convince me that a restaurant in her town (Lancaster, PA) had refused service to military personnel “because they are amish and the amish are against war”.

Truly, at the time I had no idea if this was true. But I doubted it. And so I told her this. “I doubt that that was the reason, that’s illegal.”
And so she said. “every restaurant has one of those signs that says they can refuse service to anyone.”

So I tried to explain that the sign was used for people based on actions not, well designation.  Turns out I was a little wrong about that.  This is a slightly grey area.  While there are set rules for race religion and disability everything else is…subjective.

But I was right that the story wasn’t true.

Ah well.

Looking at things from more than my perspective is tiring.  And trying to shrink my world view to match the small minds of some of the people I talk to is down right exhausting…

In other news, I am already growing tired of the republicans who keep talking about the fact that Obama hasn’t held up his promises to the American people.  Maybe we could give him a month or two?

I’m just sayin’!


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