The planet of the assholes

So this is the scene.  My husband is riding with a sales rep in her car yesterday in Atlanta.  Her phone buzzes with a text message.  She checks it, chuckles and tilts the phone toward him so he can read it.  And this is what it says:

HELP! My TV is broken.  No matter what channel I put it on all it will play is the scene from Planet of The Apes where the apes take over the white house.

I am glad to say that I truly didn’t get it at first.

And then…


Yesterday was one of the top five days of my entire life.  TOP FIVE.  I am not nearly as zealotly(nope , not a real word) worshiping Obama as some people, but I am confident that if he can do 1/3 of what people expect of him we will be a better people and a better country. (hell, a better world)

And then I am reminded about assholes like that.

The new president has a long four years ahead of him.  And for the first time, just like with the election.  I am prepared to help.

Eager even.

On a side note:

If you link to me on your blog will you please make sure that you have updated to my new blog address?

Please, pretty please?


2 thoughts on “The planet of the assholes

  1. Mostly I am glad that I live in a world where it took me a long time to “get” that too, but it does put me in the perhaps dangerous place of forgetting that people who think that way (and even worse, think it’s funny) still live in America. I hope your husband left her on the side of the highway. (For chuckling, and sharing without outrage, not for knowing people who think like that.) It does renew my commitment to this president though. I spent yesterday in tears of gratitude that my president doesn’t mangle words anymore. Or condone torture. Or think that “intelligent design” is a scientific theory. (It’s a theory, but not a scientific one.) Or who understands that those without religious belief are Americans too. Or several other things that are sweeping me with huge amounts of relief. And I’m sad for the anxious Americans this morning, but hope they understand–that’s how I felt in 2001 and 2005. May we have a real uniter this time.

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