Nose Candy

My son is in a nose picking stage.

Um, I mean the picking….

…and eating it stage.

We tell him that it is gross.
We tell him that it is bad manners.
We tell him lots of reasons why he shouldn’t do it.

He tells us one reason he should do it –
He likes it.

Last night as I tried to woo him back to sleep at 4am I watched him pick and eat three times as he settled into his bed.

And I wrote a poem about it.
And I titled it:

Nose Candy

I do it cuz I like it

Because the taste is good

I don’t care that they tell me no

because I know I should

I think the taste is yummy

So I just ignore their “no”s

cuz they don’t have my tummy

or the treasures from my nose

If ever I am hungry

And need a little bite

I just go up exploring

in the nostril on the right

It’s not cuz I’m disgusting

Or cuz the “ewws” fill me with joy

It’s just I like my nose candy

and of course, I am a boy

So the next time that you see me pick

It would be best to turn away

Cuz I’m committed to the process:

Pick then Eat It is the way!

Oh and just cuz I think it’s funny : click here.   I may have to get this.  Or this one (for men in my life).


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