Fear and Loathing

I am linking to this article written by a white male from my mamas home town. (you have to say mama when talking about your southern mother and her home town, even if you rarely (if ever) call her that to her face.  I’m pretty sure it’s a law)

Click the link.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you didn’t click I will give you the general gyst.  This very perceptive white southern gentleman writes about the very real threat that our next president faces from the whites of our nation.

That’s a very condensed version. ( Campbell’s would be proud).  You should read the whole thing.  (see how easy I am making it for you?)

I have to tell you that I was realistically very concerned about Obama’s running mate (and I LOVE Biden) because I think that there is a very real chance that he will be our next president.  Not through election, but through attrition.  And so many people scoffed at my pessimism that I finally just kept my thoughts to myself.

Because I have lived in LA.

And I have witnessed the “everyone but you”  mentality of  “white supremacist”.

And I have lived in the north.

And I have seen the very veiled, very deceptive mentality of some of those “traditional white males”.

And I have lived in the south.

I have seen the ancient racist mentality of these “good old boys”.

And the sentence in this article about school children (yes, schoolchildren.  On the Schoolyard for God’s sake!) discussing the assassination of Obama leaves me cold . As in below zero cold.

Because I know it is true.  And I know it is real.  And my only comfort is in the fact that Obama and the secret service know that it is is real and true too.

The wall of bullet proof glass that stood before President-elect Obama during his acceptance speech did not go unnoticed by me. (That is another article worth clicking on – Jesus Christ!).

It makes me want to cry.

But then articles like the one written by this very insightful man pop up and I am hopeful.  Hopeful that some men like this brave man, will be watching, and listening, and protecting our president.

Not it Washington but in Macon Georgia.

And it too, makes me want to cry.


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