On the Shelf

I am a bookafile.

Which is apparently a made up word.

The true word is bibliophile.

Either way, the meaning is the same.  I love books.  LOVE BOOKS.

It is my one true addiction.   Always have loved them, always will love them.  I am seriously considering getting a Kindle.  You know, the electronic book from amazon.

But even with that I know I will still have books.  real books.  Because I love them.  I love curling up on the couch and entering someone elses imagination for a little while.  I am amazed and awed at what some of these people create.

I read lots of different types of books ranging from Brain Food to Brain Candy.  And I enjoy them all.  I am also a very fast reader which helps because I have a very hard time putting a book down once I have started it.  Which is why I try to never, never, crack a book open after 9pm.  I will stay up til 1 or 2 to finish it.

Because I like to infect share my passion with others I am compiling a brief list of some books and or authors that I will recommend.  I hate doing this.  I always feel that as soon as I do this I wish I could snatch it back.  Because everyone is different and everyone likes different things.

So let me state for the record that this is simply a list of things I enjoy, this does not in any way mean you will enjoy them.  Basically, read at your own risk.

Good Brain Candy Authors/series

Lately I have gotten into the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Fun, light vampire lit.  A new genre.  I have not read her other series which is about a lady who speaks to the dead but I will try it.  I also enjoyed Twilight – up until the last book in the series.  I also read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and it wasn’t nearly as good.  FAR TOO LONG for what it was.

I have also been a strong admirer of Jayne Ann Krentz who also writes as Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick depending on era and, well, dimension.  She writes romance novels.  With characters who are strong fun and very witty.  I enjoy their story and am usually genuinely happy when they get their happily ever after.  Stear clear of her earlier writing though – ugh!

I recently read Poison study and Magic Study and I enjoyed them both.  The third in the series is Fire Study and it did not get very get reader reviews so I haven’t tried it yet.

I also Like Luanne Rice.  I almost left her off here because she can be hit and miss but when you hit a good one she’s great.  She writes life and love stories and she doesn’t promise a happy ending so you can’t get complacent.

Brian Junk Food

Water for Elephants.  I loved this book.  One of my favorites.  I went back and read her earlier novels. Riding Lessons and Flying Changes which were basically romance novels written in the world of professional horse back riding and even though I love horses they were not quite as good.  I have Ape House on my list and I am hopeful.

Brain Food

I have read some books recently that made me think.  Like reevaluate my life and the world I live in think.  These are books that are autobiographical in nature but have literary license.

The Glass CastleEscape. Jesus Land. Before Women had wings.

All of these books are well written (with the possible exception of Escape which was less of a story than it was a recounting of events) and they all share an intimate look into a life lived right here in our country that just shouldn’t have happened.  Eye opening lives.  Child abuse, polygamy, poverty.  You name it, it’s here.

These books are disturbing with purpose.  And so I recommend them.

Other great Brain Food Books/Authors

The Red Tent.  wonderful book.  A must read if you are a woman.  A should read if you are a man.

Kite Runner.  Haven’t seen the movie and the book leaves you achy but it is amazing.

The Giver is a short book that makes you think and does not tie anything up in a neat package for you.

I usually like anything Orson Scott Card writes and he has a great “women in the bible” series that I truly enjoyed.  I also usually like Toni Morris.  As far as older authors go I enjoyed:  Zora Neal Hurston, Eli Weisel, and others.

Most of the links I have included here are to the books on Amazon.  That’s because this is where I go to read reader reviews and synopsis but it’s not usually where I buy books.  I usually buy books at Thriftbooks.com

or lately I have filled my shelf with new authors with books I exchanged on Swaptree

I am enjoying swaptree because I am willing to spend $3 on a book I might not like and through the exchange I have found some new authors I enjoye reading.  But it doesn’t help me lower the overall number of books in my house since it’s an exchange so even though I now have AN ENTIRE BOOKSHELF FULL OF UNREAD BOOKS.  I also still have books I don’t want littering my house as they wait for a swap.  BUT, did I mention that I have AN ENTIRE BOOKSHELF FULL OF UNREAD BOOKS.

Do you know what that does to a bibliophile?

I am surprised I can get up and leave the house in the morning.


One thought on “On the Shelf

  1. I share your addiction. And a good friend of mine introduced me recently to a netflix-type service for paperback books. The name eludes me but I’ll let you know when I find it. (I thought it a bit pricey, though. One month subscription was about $9.)

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