The Bed Post

So I don’t put the kids to bed very often anymore.  I can’t say that I miss this.

I get to spend good quality time with them trapped in the car with me as we journey back and forth to school and so I feel okay that I have opted out of the bed time routine and my husband takes this task on whenever he is home.

And he’s been home a lot lately.  And I know that this about to change and I will have to readjust to doing bedtime every night, among other things.

The travel beats me down.  It’s not the way I want to live.  Not really.

But at the same time, my husband’s job makes him very happy and that makes me very happy and so together we are doing okay with the travel.


And now I am trying to focus on the next adventure.  It helps me get through it all.  Because life is what happens on vacation.  That’s what the kids remember.

And my eldest is about to turn five.






That is how many days  hours minutes years have passed since she was born.

How did this happen?  No really.  How.

I will be posting her birthday letter once it’s done.  I read one at the Domestic Goddess that made me cry and I will do my best to boost the Kleenex stock as well but I am sure I won’t come close.

She will be having her party at a local theater this year.  The kids will be watching a children’s production of a princess/queen show which is right up the little girl’s alley at the moment.  She’s all about the princess.

And I am being forced to find my inner princess.


Still looking.


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