For Crying Out Loud

The princess has been crying a lot lately.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of raising a toddler (girl) you know that most of the tears don’t amount to much.  Most toddler tears are really just emotional blackmail.  At least that’s the way it is with the princess.  (If it isn’t that way with your kid I don’t want to hear about it).

So, as the wee one gets older the “tears” are less effective.  And you come to gauge the sounds involved to see what threat level you are actually facing.

You can read the cry.  The pitch, tone, volume, and length of cry are all indicators of what is actually wrong.  And so they decide how quickly you do (or do not) drop what you’re doing to go and see what’s going on.

what?  So, I don’t always go.  You wouldn’t either.

And lately…all the tears have been, loud and dry.  Purely play things for our emotions.  She has been laying it on so thick that my skin has gotten even thicker –  I have become impervious to the cries.

Until this morning.

When she sat down at her chair in the kitchen and the tears silently welled up in her eyes and she looked up at me and even though she is now almost 5, she looked just like this:


She was sad because her brother had already eaten his breakfast and she didn’t want to eat alone.  So I perched my huge ass on the tiny toddler chair next to her and ate my cereal with her.

Just mommy and the princess.


One thought on “For Crying Out Loud

  1. There’s something about breakfast. We were in a hurry this morning because it was back-to-school and we weren’t quite back-on-schedule last night, and none of us liked that we all ate separately. It’s a really nice time to connect. Good for you for making the time.

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