Happy Ho Ho

My special moments of the season:

It’s all about the silly:

Last night I taught my daughter “The happy present dance” which involves waving your arms in the air and shaking your hips back and forth while squealing happily.  She declared that she will not do it because she is convinced that she will look silly as the only one doing it on Christmas morning.  So after she was asleep I taught it to my husband and in-laws too.   Won’t she be surprised?

It’s all about the snuggle:

I crawled into bed with my daughter yesterday morning and cuddled up to talk to her about what will happen Christmas eve and Christmas morning.  I was touched by the idea that she clearly enjoyed the moment of cuddling even more than the anticipation of the upcoming festivities.  And I did too.

It’s all about the family:

I am glad that our holiday traditions have included my husband’s family since the word go.  I look forward to their visit with a lot of misgiving but I always enjoy them when they are here. This is despite the fact that they become more and more Republican each year.

It’s all about the presents:

This year my husband and I decided that we each wanted the same big gift so that is what we got each other.  A “we” Wii.  It has been in our house for more than a week and I discovered last night that even though I know exactly what I am getting I am still very excited to finally crack it open and PLAY!

And it’s all about the day:

Our holiday traditions have happily blended together to form what we now present to our children as Our Family Christmas.  This means that we each get to open one gift on Xmas eve and then stockings in the am, breakfast and then the main event.  It is about the anticipation.  It is about the feeling that you get as you settle down in your pajamas and sip a warm beverage and watch your children overflow with happines and excitement.  Because really…

It’s all  about the magic.

Here’s wishing you lots of all the above – Happy Holidays!


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